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This union of two leading online music lesson platforms delivers unrivaled value, convenience, and variety to students worldwide. JamPlay and TrueFire subscribers now have unlimited access to 70,000+ lessons, 400+ instructors, powerful learning tools, and apps at no additional cost!

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Q: How do I get access to the combined JamPlay + TrueFire platform?

A: The merged services will be available at TrueFire. All JamPlay content will be available on the TrueFire website & apps, and all log-ins will happen via TrueFire as well.

Q: I’m a JamPlay subscriber. How do I get access to the new service?

A: Just log in as you normally would at https://account.jamplay.com/auth/login and you’ll get immediate access to the upgraded TrueFire.com – with all of your existing courses, scenes and progress readily available to you, along with TrueFire’s entire catalog, learning tools, apps and more. 

Q: I’m a TrueFire subscriber. How do I get access to all of the new JamPlay content?

A: Just log in as you normally would at TrueFire.com. JamPlay’s entire library is already integrated into the TrueFire platform.

Q: Why did TrueFire Studios decide to merge JamPlay and TrueFire?

A: We wanted to offer more value, convenience, and variety to all of our fretted instrument students in one place.

Q: I’m already a subscriber. Will the merged service cost more?

A: No. Both JamPlay and TrueFire subscribers get access to all 70,000 lessons, 400 instructors, and industry-leading learning tools at no additional cost.

Q: What just happened? I signed in on JamPlay, and now I am on TrueFire.

A: Congratulations! You just signed in to your JamPlay account and now have more than doubled your available lessons with access to THE industry-leading tools and resources. On top of that, now you can learn from even more incredible Artists and Educators! In addition to all of your favorite Instructors and courses from the JamPlay curriculum, now you’ve got access to the ENTIRE TrueFire library including courses from heavy-hitters like Joe Bonamassa, Greg Koch, and Pat Martino - but also new courses from JamPlay favorites like Eric Haugen, Ariel Posen, and Artur Menezes!

Q: Can I resume my JamPlay course and pick up where I left off?

A: Of course! You’ll find your (8) most recently viewed lessons and courses conveniently located in My Dashboard on TrueFire.

Q: Did I lose all of my JamPlay progress?

A: Absolutely not. We have made sure that all of those days and hours you’ve spent honing your craft have been preserved. They will just be displayed a bit differently in the new lesson player. Your progress bar that you are accustomed to gauging your progress will now display as (3) easy-to-decipher icons located at the bottom of the lesson player marking your lesson as “Incomplete”, “In-Progress”, or “Completed”. This will be for every lesson you have ever taken on JamPlay with your current username.

Q: Where are all of my JamPlay purchases?

A: Don’t worry - they’re all here. All of your individually purchased courses will be located on your Dashboard under the “My Courses” tab. If you purchased any standalone Toolkits, JamTrack Packs, or LickPacks you’ll find those files located under the “My Other Downloads” tab. 

Q: Where are my JamPlay Toolkits?

A: No more scrolling and browsing through multiple pages trying to access your Toolkits! Finally, all of the courses from your Guitarist Toolkits have been consolidated into one convenient location. You can find them on your Dashboard under the “My Other Downloads” tab.

Q: How does this affect my JamPlay membership?

A: If your JamPlay subscription has LAPSED or you’re on a trial membership you’ll get (14) days of free access to the all-new TrueFire + JamPlay experience. If you have an ACTIVE subscription then your membership will remain unchanged. If you’ve purchased a year of guitar access - you’ve still got it. If you have a monthly bass subscription - get your groove on. Even if you purchased one of our new guitar+bass subscriptions - it’s still there with TrueFire All Access. Regardless of your active subscription, your renewal date will remain unchanged. You’ll get every day of access that you’ve paid for.

Q: Is my billing info still secure?

A: Indeed it is! You can find all of the security and privacy details associated with your membership and billing information in the TrueFire Privacy Policy.

Q: I am already subscribed to both TrueFire and JamPlay. What happens to my account?

Everything will be migrated into your TrueFire account, and you can log into your TrueFire account to view all your TrueFire and your JamPlay content. Your subscription rate will be locked in at whichever rate is lower (i.e., if you were paying $149 on TrueFire and $99 on JamPlay, your renewal rate moving forward will be $99.)


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